Friends Odhran and Beth, Peckham, London, 3rd June 2020, 17:00h

Boyfriends Sky and Lewis, Northern Quarter, Manchester, 31st May 2020, 16:00h

Friends Ciar and Imogen, Barbican, London, 2nd June 2020, 17:00h

Friends Zach and Adam, Trafalgar Square, London, 1st June 2020, 17:30h

Friends Sarah and Stace, Manchester Town Hall, St Peter's Square, Manchester, 17th May 2020, 16:00h

Friends Jonny and Levi, New Cathedral Street, Saturday 30th May 2020, 17:00h

Mother and daughter, Maureen and Grace, Maureen's garden, Bolton, 21st May 2020, 11:00h

Laura and Suz, who started dating just before lockdown, Ramsbottom, 24th May 2020, 15:30h

Friends Beth and Meryl, Southbank, London, 4th June 2020, 18:30h

Friends Damian and Jacob, Peckam, London, 3rd June 2020, 16:30h

Friends Anka and Rhiannon, Walthamstow, London, 4th June 2020, 13:00h

Claud with sister Jennifer and mum Valerie, Bolton, 11th July 2020, 13:30h

Friends Nuria and Daniel, Northern Quarter, Manchester, 27th May 2020, 15:30h

Friends Lalu and Giulia, Covent Garden, London, 5th June 2020, 16:00h

Friends Gosia and Grzegorz, Tate Modern, London, 4th June 2020, 18:00h

Swimmers Edwin and Abi, Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, 29th May 2020, 9:00am

Friends Ade and Ryan, Soho, London, 5th June 2020, 19:45h

Friends Seb and Aude, Dalston Junction, London, 2nd June 2020, 13:00h

Friends Mark and Peter, Trafalgar Square, London, 1st June 2020, 18:30h

Nickie and her wife Lydia with Rebecca, Hulme Street, Manchester, 31st May 2020, 13:00h

Friends Madiha and Farrah, Manchester Museum, Manchester, 15th June 2020, 14:00h

Kate and Lani meet Sabrina, Molly and Casper the dog, Bolton, 28th May 2020, 17:30h

Friends Jess and Ellie, St James Park Tube Station, London, 3rd June 2020, 19:00h

Friends Phil and Adam, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester, 31st May 2020, 18:00h

Kaz with her mum Rashmi and sister Priya, Stockport, 30th June 2020, 13:00h

Friends Stav and Carli, St James Street overground station, Walthamstow, 4th June 2020, 13:30h

Friends Scott and Dave, Piccadilly, London, 5th June 2020, 19:30h

Neighbours Cara and Justin, Levenshulme, Manchester, 29th May 2020, 16:30h

Neighbours Paula and Tessa, Stoke Newington, London, 5th June 2020, 10:30h

Rob and his son Caleb with Fiona, West Didsbury, Manchester, 2nd July 2020, 12:00h

Friends Maria and Baharak, Cornhill, City of London, 4th June 2020, 16:00h

Swimmers Emily and Chris, Royal Docks, London,  2nd June 2020, 15:30h

Friends Barry and Nethi, Kings Cross, London, 4th June 2020, 19:15h

Friends Chrysostomos and Dionysis, Brick Lane, London, 6th June 2020, 10:30h

Father and son, Ian and Jonathan on Jonathan's 40th birthday, Bolton, 17th May 2020, 18:00h

Father Jed meets daughter Catherine and grandsons Ted and Charlie, Worsley, Manchester, 27th May 2020, 9:15h