Elephants, Masai Mara

Ranger Mongka and Sergeant James look out from Enkoikuma Hill

Elephants at Masikini walk towards the swamp in Amboseli National Park

Young Maasai boy herding cattle on the group ranch land near Amboseli

Official Commander Moses Sinkoi, from Marba camp, looks out across the Amboseli landscape

Masai Giraffes, Amboseli

Elephants in the swamp, Amboseli National Park

Ranger Nkoone Kiyiapi on the lookout

Giraffe trying to drink from a waterhole (difficult with such a long neck)

Rangers Kombe and Siringeti watch Elephants North of Amboseli

Elephants bathing near Amboseli

An Elephant slips while bathing

Ranger Mongka looks out across Odule Dam, Amboseli

Commander Moses looking out for a Hyena he caught sight of. Guns are carried for safety (from poachers and to scare animals away)

Spotted Hyena, Amboseli National Park

Vultures feasting on a carcass. Rangers can often locate a lion kill by looking for group of Vultures swarming, waiting to swoop down

Carcass of a Wildebeest, killed by a predator (most likely a Lion).

Rangers from Osewan camp out on a walking patrol

Herd of Elephants following the matriach through Oldepe, Amboseli

Ranger Kiyiapi and Sergeant Leapa spot an animal in the distance

Buffalo, Masai Mara National Park

Rangers tracking animal footprints, North of Amboseli

Giraffe footprints in the sand

Masai Giraffe in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli

Ranger John Lekeni rests midway through the Marba camp patrol

Baby Elephant runs to his mother, Masai Mara

Zebra carcass (cause of death unknown)

The rangers from Esiteti come across a Wildebeest that appears to have died from the drought. When the rains fail, food and water is in short supply

Elephant, Masai Mara

The carcass of a 40 year old Elephant who died from hunger. Kenya Wildlife Service removed her tusks to ensure they didn't end up on the black market

Ranger Siringeti Ngaapa of Osewan Camp, photographed in a dry riverbed

Sergeant Ole Musa photographed in front of an electric fence installed to prevent human/ wildlife conflict (by preventing Elephants from crop raiding)

Corporal Sungare Sikampa, photographed at Marba Camp

Sergeant Musa Munke of Osewan Camp

Rangers Siringeti and Kombe resting while on patrol

Ranger John Panian Lekeni of Marba Camp

Sergeant Leapa Olotshorua of Esiteti Camp

Ranger Lenka Mancha of Esiteti Camp

Ranger walking towards a herd of Wildebeest, Amboseli

Elephant, Amboseli

Rangers from Esiteti on patrol

Amboseli Elephants

Zebras at dusk, Amboseli

Ranger Leonard Mongka on Limono Hill, Amboseli

Rangers walking towards the Kenya/ Tanzania border with Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance